Thursday, March 23, 2006

MALEBOLGE - Evil Pouches

Release: Evil Pouches
Umbrella Noize Collective
Year: 2005
Format: MP3
Tracks: 21

A Canto…
Featuring drone and noise by Ctephin,
with the glitched drum and bass of Rabbit Girls.
This release creates sound and noise,
that delves deep in the heart,
and gives you an experience.                                                5

The fundamentals created in the release,
are true to the word of Dante.
One gets the feeling that through the drones,
your eyes are being shown the pages,
and leading your mind into the circles of Hell.                         10

The feelings are mixed however,
like being in a state of unawareness.
The heavy glitch attacks of hits and kicks,
from the random drum beats prove to me,
that this Hell is unforgiving.                                                    15

All the tracks are around the same length,
but the variation is subtle.
As each track represents and different tale,
the sound range is pretty much the same in every track.
Good if you like it, bad if you don’t.                                        20

The artwork is superb and shows,
a picture of the face of evil itself.
Do you know what the book is about?
I, my friends, you have been shown all along.
This a release to show the master when you meet him.          25

"There is in hell
a vast and sloping ground called Malebolge,
a lost place of stone
as black
as the great cliff that seals it round."                                      30