Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Rabbit Girls - Hard Drive

Artist: Rabbit Girls
Release: Hard Drive
Label: Roil Noise Offensive
Year: 2006
Format: 3" CDr
Tracks: 5
TRT: 17:48

This is total glitch noise. The first 4 tracks; Eating Out Of Boredom, Stress Fracture, Lost Hope Machine, and Hard Drive represent what the sound of glitch and its randomness is all about. The last track, Hack Glitchery, is pretty harsh and will appeal to the metal heads as all the samples and material in this track seem to be grind core smashes. Spastic clic’s and fucks with samples is prevalent throughout the tracks. The 1st and 4th track have a lot of vocal samples played in the background that add a soft tone to the craziness going on in front of your ears. The last two tracks feature a great ambient project called Ctephin. I’m not exactly sure what he adds to the two tracks because there is so much going on. Whatever it was it was great. Lots of bass and drums are used throughout this disc as well and the release sounds best when played uber loud. Like most noise is, but glitch is hard to get into at times, so trust me on this. Play it loud!

The artwork, yes! This is pure genius. The CDr is placed on a perfectly rectangular piece of computer board with the disc being held in the center top. The tracks are listed on a transparent paper leaf that is wrapped around the computer board. Very clean and very well presented. When I ordered this I hadn’t scene the art yet. I opened it up and actually laughed out loud saying; "Christ this is cool." Makes me wonder were Noah got all those boards from, hmmmm.

Still for order and still kicking ass. Rabbit Girls is a glitch band that should be around for a long time with originality like this. 5th track quote; "I wondered if it'd be louder with bigger wires."