Friday, March 10, 2006

The Goslings - Between The Dead

Artist: The Goslings
Release: Between The Dead
Label: DIY
Year: 2005
Format: CD
Tracks: 8
TRT: 54:05

This husband and wife duo has been creating one of the best noise/rock fusions out there for the past few years. Each track is blistered with heavily distorted guitar riffs, vocals that echo and engage the listener to hear their voice, and drums by a guy named Steve, whom does a great job at rhythm and random smashes. The movements of each of the longer tracks are great and it shows that these guys just don’t make noise, they perform it, and their creative process is grand. A perfect example is the second track, Brindle. It starts off slowly with drum and symbol hits and a few noise tweaks and then at the 3ish minute mark the track moves to both Max and Leslie singing their hearts out with a beautiful guitar riff. It is such a sad song and yet it makes me feel like I just climbed Mount Everest by the time it’s over.

The artwork is about as good as you can get with a DIY job. There is a 2-sided one-page insert and it features lyrics for only two tracks, Dehlilahia and Seed. The cover art features a medieval looking picture of a Saint holding a bright yellow star with leaves of gold, red and green at her side. The back art is just as good with a tarot card looking fellow standing beside the track titles. It has a Wicca quality to it too.

This release is such a great example of noise/rock that I’ve actually heard this being plaid a few times in used record stores were the young crazed "Goth" chicks look up to the ceiling and wonder what’s being heard. Had this been an LP in the late 70's I think these guys would have made it famous from this release only.