Saturday, March 11, 2006

Cracked Dome - Deception Rituals

Artist: Cracked Dome
Release: Deception Rituals
Label: Barfing Dagger Recordings
Year: 2005
Format: 3" CDr
Tracks: 2
TRT: 21:01

I went for a long and tired walk one day. I was distraught and didn’t have much to live for. The ground was very rocky and I kicked a few here and there out of malice towards my new direction. I didn’t want to go on this walk but I found myself being pulled towards a bright white light. It was as if I was in a tunnel and as I got closer to this light the walls around me began to grow hot and red. It started off as a dark hue and then the red walls became brighter and brighter and hotter and hotter. As the heat grew I began to sweat, and I saw what looked like a figure in the bright light. It was a mere silhouette but I could tell that this was a large man with horns on his head and a cane at his side. "In the shadow of Gods decaying form!" I thought.

The walls grew hotter and the figure danced closer. I wanted to shut my eyes but he was so beautiful and he was luring me over to him with a dark, deep noise. The sound was like a soft hissing drone that seemed to melt my brain and expand my consciousness. I finally made it to him and I realized who he was. The dark Lord Satan himself, carrying a message for me, and a gift. "You are in my Hell now young one," He said. "And I bring you a gift." He held out an old book. The cover was a simple piece of red cardboard with the title and notes on the inside, but each page was hand painted with a gray tone and dots of red splatter in random order. In the book read the following; encrypted messages from a distant blackened star. I fell back and knew I was lost. I wasn’t supposed to be here, but his noise drew me in.