Thursday, March 02, 2006

Tomas Jirku - Entropy

Artist: Tomas Jirku
Release: Entropy
Year: 2002
Format: CD
Tracks: 11
TRT: 72:00

Tomas Jirku, the master of structured sound and always pushing new ground with his style of minimal ambient creations. "Entropy" is an album that is now currently out of print but is such a good example of how noise and dub can work together I thought I’d review it anyway.

The eleven tracks that make up the disc all work together as if it is an epic 1 track recording. Each track moves gracefully into the next and there is no breaks, save for the 2 short seconds between track 10 and 11. The track times are listed in seconds, which are rounded off to 3 decimal points and range from 352.392 seconds to 432.261 seconds long. A very exact method, speaking of which, the track titles go from words like; "Enthalpy", "Isothermal", "Adiabatic" and "Cyclic" to name a few. A sound scientist he is!

All the tracks pretty much has the same feel to them. Minimal dub sounding beats and bass hits with splashing clicks muttered throughout that are just barely audible. Tonal horn’s plummet rhythmically throughout most of the tracks and there also occurs the random swoosh here and there. A magical and melodic, yet reactive listen. My senses told me to dance.

The artwork is a three-page fold out paper sleeve with sewn, yes sewn, stitches across the front to slip the cover into and close. A very dank and dark picture of a deep forest is shown to mark this release. The only negative I can say about this disc is that each track seems about 1 minute to long and they can get a little repetitive, but most dub techno is anyway. A clean and natural release overall. Can you say; Ba(OH)2*8H2Os+2NH4NO---->Ba(NO3)2(s)+2NH3(aq)+10H2O(1)?