Friday, March 10, 2006

Zdefekt - Complex Breeding Program

Artist: Zdefekt
Release: Complex Breeding Program
Label: Backwards Records / Scatological Liberation Front
Year: 2005
Format: CD
Tracks: 8
TRT: 59:11

Noise improv is something that takes a lot of getting used to, for me anyway. I first listened to this CD and it sounded as if it was just a bunch of random hits and slaps with drums, guitar, bass and electronic glitches here and there. But after another listen I can that this release is very focused and I now listen to it pretty often. There are 7 members to the band, which proves right there that they all have one goal in mind when making this release. To have seven members in a noise band means there’s lots of talk and collaboration before anything is recorded, but, it does sound very improv sounding and that can play well for the fans of this type of noise.

This release is very random at times and with track titles like Naprawo Od Przed Bogiem Przeklinal Autobus one gets the idea very quickly. There are a couple of soft movements in some of the tracks that give you a break from the heavy hits that a good noise jam offers and these are the moments were most of the electronic noise glitches are heard. Some vocals are heard, but it’s mostly vocal noise to add depth to the tracks. Track 3, Krajaine Rodzenie, is probably the best track on here and clocks at almost 21 minutes long. There is a lot of build up and it would have been great if it was just released on a 3" cdr as well.

What I liked a lot about this release was that the packaging seemed to have been something these guys spent a lot of time on. The CD itself had a black underlay, which is something different, but the cover and insert is where it’s at. Cover art is a basic two page fold over that has the CD and insert slip into each page. The insert is a 16-page booklet featuring pictures of the bands equipment and the band members themselves. With noise improv reminding me of the old Jazz JATP sessions in the 50’s, this is one band I’d love to see live.