Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Rita/Filthy Turd: Kill The Woman, Rape The Men

Artist: The Rita/Filthy Turd
Release: Kill the Woman, Rape the Men

Year: 2005
Format: CDr
Tracks: 2
TRT: 69:11

The "walls of noise" release. Two of the heaviest tracks around delivered by two of the most respected noise artists doing this type of noise. The Rita offers a 35 minute crunch fest of low bass scratches and barrages that seem to have two different channels, one centered and one in the right ear. A wall of noise drone titled "Green suit, black depth". That continuos drone of his that makes death seem all too peaceful. The Rita wants to take you to a scary place, rip out your eyes, seal your eyelids with super-glue, and pull the face of "River fish-woman monster evil" over your screaming works well and I can't take much more of it.

Filthy Turd creates his 34 minute version; "The fish-woman has her finger in your arse-hole". This track has a lot of channel movement and most of the noise seems to be generated from yells and screams, either Filthy Turd himself or samples, not sure. This track is also a lot more textured than The Rita's. There are more sounds ranging from ear to ear and the noise has a less menacing quality to it, but it's still loud as fuck. I get the feeling that these creatures want to take me by surprise, bend me over, and stick large wooden pikes up my ass. It hurts!

Not much in the way of packaging but the knife wielding fish-woman on the cover is great. The Rita's track has a crisper feel to it and it is much louder in terms of stereo play, but when dealing with noise walls, you can't be picky.