Monday, February 27, 2006

Mutant Ape - What's Left?

Artist: Mutant Ape
Release: What's Left?

Label: Dumping Ground Recordings
Year: 2006
Format: Three Biz-Card Discs
Tracks: 3 (1 per disc)
TRT: 13:00

I will start by saying that I have a small card disc and 3" fetish so my views may not be as objective as anyone who doesn't share this same fetish, but this release was a must buy/review for myself and I figure it deserves some extra mention.

Three tracks with one track each per card disc; "Blue As A Dead Baby", "Feeding Myths", and "What's left?" making these three. Track one starts with a slow rumble moved by repetitive scrapes as if stomach bowels are being stretched longer and longer until it fades apart. There are hints of soft vocals whispering hideousness in your ear as well. The second track offers something louder with ripping vocals and delay looped screeches of noise from the dissected brains of Hell. Totally random too. Not sure what is being said but it doesn’t really matter, except for the religious sample at the end. Vocal noise is art through pure sound, right? The third disc, being the title track, is a melodic noise piece that seems very orchestrated. The ear piercing vocal bursts and harsh walls of noise make this the loudest of the three tracks, and every sound is fit well with a purpose. An excellent track, never mind the previous two.

The packaging is perfect. It has the three card discs tightly wrapped up in a sheet of card paper with the black and white and red image of a dead child lying on a cold steel slab. Each disc is simply mark as 1/2/ or 3 with a picture of some morbid fancy with the track name over it. A sheet of paper is also inserted inside the package with the track names and liner notes.

I will add that this material was recorded on Friday the 13th, as it notes, which adds to the overall general creepy state you get from this release. A must buy, if it's sold out then what left's for you is nothing but tears of a blue dead baby.