Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Nova-Sak: Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

Artist: Nova-Sak
Release: Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship
Perineum Productions
Year: 2005
Format: CDr
Tracks: 5
TRT: 35:16

This CDr is a great mix of different types of styles of noise all generated into 5 tracks. I hadn’t heard much of Nova-Sak myself until I traded with him and this release is one that I probably would have bought had I known of him earlier. Since there on only 5 tracks and the length is somewhat like an EP I will review each track separately instead of the disc as a whole.

All tracks are untitled. Track one starts off the disc nicely with a quiet drone and a rotated click in the background that builds up speed. The clicks then become distorted and the track finally fades up to a soft drone that continues to the next track. Not much is to be said about the first track but it’s hard to describe, good none-the-less. The 2nd track is more on the experimental side of things with swashy sounds and bashes with contact mics…so it seems. Not a strong track compared to the rest of the disc but it’s a good listen with your eyes closed. Some of the sounds are interesting and may have been created underwater it seems. #3 is a 10 minute live track that was broadcasted live over the radio. The start is pretty comical with the radioman talking about a large solar flare heading towards Earth. This track is amazing and I’d love to hear more of Nova-Sak just based purely on this live set alone. It starts off with a low amp hum and a soft drum blip that’s looped and altered. A hissing ring is followed and a heavy scraped loop is now introduced that I just loved to death. The track builds louder from here on. An excellent set that finishes well too. The 4th track is a short four minute take with distorted drums and a rotated click, much like the first track, but a bit louder and more bass. The 5th track is the harshest and begins with a vocal scratch for about two minutes and then the harsh walls begin. Looped bass and smashes are thrown in among the walls are harshness.

With this released I got the feeling that Nova-Sak is influenced by the industrial sound a lot. There are good loops that could well be placed in some old Skinny Puppy tracks. The artwork is great. All hand made with the disc painted a soft forest green with what looks like watercolour. The cover is a green mesh print on cardboard and a gold ribbon on the binding. A hand numbered release limited to 40. The label is out of Lithuania and produces great hand made CDr’s, but very limited so you better get it quick.