Tuesday, October 09, 2007

N.Stahl.N - Heimwerk/Oder Hackstuke

Artist: N.Stahl.N
Release: Heimwerk/Oder Hackstuke
Label: Krakilsk
Year: 2007
Format: CDr / DVD slimcase
Tracks: 4
TRT: 34:20

N.Stahl.N is another new project for me and it’s in line on the more experimental side of noise. N.Stahl.N utilizes field recordings, analog and digital manipulations and amplified household objects to name a few. The first three tracks are stated to be based on live material prepare for a concert and sounds like that is very much true. The sounds are very light moving and range all over the place. The first track, Heimwerk, is 7 minutes and starts off fairly simply with a few bashes and light clangs here and there then at 4ish minutes there’s an amplified sound, ok something different, but then at 5ish minutes this synth drone comes in and I start to drool…amazing movement in this track. I was just beginning to get bored and the artist all of the sudden gets my mind racing. Loved it! Track 2, Hackstruck, at 5 minutes long starts off much the same as the first. Sounds of metal hits and taps with some creepy scraping sounds but this time there’s a Geiger counter sounding drum pattern going on. Track 3, Heimawerk II, at 6 minutes is probably the simplest track on here. Nothing good or bad, just there. Track 4, Hacktruck II, is at 16 minutes and there’s a lot going on in this track. Some of the noise I can’t really describe but it’s very interesting indeed. It’s very fast paced and rhythmic. There’s an odd high-hat sample at very fast BPM and while this is going on there’s some odd breathing sounds and a light drone. At 6 minutes the track begins fade from a musical quality to more experimental sounds with some weird bleep samples that start to go into a rhythmic pattern once again. At 10 minutes some vocals from D.Niehues come in and almost appear to be reversed. Not sure if that’s the case though but the track soon fades from this and ends with some light "house hold odd sounds". Overall this was a very unique sounding 34 minutes and it’s something that sounds in the same territory as Big City Orchestra. The artwork is great and looks laser printed too, like the other releases. Defiantly something to check out from Krakilsk.

The S.U.N.C.D. Project - The Sun CD

Artist: The S.U.N.C.D. Project
Release: The Sun CD
Label: Krakilsk
Year: 2007
Format: CDr
Tracks: 9
TRT: 69:23

The S.U.N.C.D. Project is made up of Roar Borge and Arnfinn Killingtveit, both of which are new to me so this entire project is a first listen. It starts off with an odd 11 minute track titled "Life….", which sounds almost the same as track 5 "Life On The Sun". Here we get to hear bubble boiling sounds, sci-fi effect sounds and ambient wisps. Track 2, Raga Orientellus, features a simple tribal drum sample admist more sci-fi sounds pulsing in and out. Track 4, Climate Manipulation, is a fairly good ambient piece with long drones and hidden sounds you have to be careful to listen for or you’ll miss them. Track 7 is much the same except it’s even quieter. I had to turn up the volume just to hear most of it, which I hate! It was good though once I got to hear it. The disc closes off with a nice slow moving ambient drum track. Very nice and kinda reminded me of a creepy zombie movie scene from the 70’s. Overall this disc wasn’t the best stuff I’ve heard but there were some interesting moments. Enough to make me want to play it again when I need something soft to listen to.

Chefkirk - Analysis Of Anxieties

Artist: chefkirk
Release: Analysis Of Anxieties
Label: Krakilsk
Year: 2007
Format: CDr
Tracks: 14
TRT: 24:27

14 untitled tracks from chefkirk and along the lines of some more high pitched sounds that I’m use to hearing from this project. I remember a year ago I couldn’t stand this style of noise but after projects like Caustic Castle and this one I’m really enjoying it and it doesn’t bother me at all. Since there’s no track titles and it runs as if it’s one long track I’ll just describe the release in total. Chefkrik seems to start out his noise with a subtle high pitch, that’s always either hanging around under other noise or comes in and out while he twitches his knobs. A few times through the release we get to hear some heavy bass noise and it’s good to get once and a while as it keeps my ears in tune. There’s also a few times we get to hear a lot of crashing noise going on, but once again we get checked back to a high pitch before something else happens. The artwork for this release is fairly simple. A picture of what looks like the aftermath of a small earthquake, pretty much a cracked road but it suites this release a lot I think. If you’ve listened to chefkirk material you’ll notice that all the tracks were recorded straight to hard disc with no edits. Very well done material but it isn’t 100% "new" sounding from him either, just refreshing.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Scissor Shock - Tease The Skeleton

Artist: Scissor Shock
Release: Tease The Skeleton
Label: dollfullofrivets
Year: 2007
Format: CDr
Tracks: 8
TRT: 30:29

This is the lastest EP soon be released on dollfullofrivets. If your familiar with Adam Cooley and Scissor Shock you'll know it's not your average sytle of noise. There's a lot of going on's in this release and here's a short mention of the typs of sounds: Skipping CD sounds, vocal screaming, odd guitar playing, weird ass drums, Mario Brothers jumping for a coin?, buzzing, saxophone, lots of various samples, etc. This is free-rock-noise for sure. No structure and just plain fun! "Melting The Sun" is probably my favorite track on here as it's a total Free-jazz type track, in an odd way. I kinda wish the whole disc sounded like this track as it seemed to be the one with the most purpose. "Dissolved Stomach Calculations" is fairly insteresting as well. Great acid type sound using guitar tapping mixed with some decent drums. Overall this disc is a decent listen and something new for sure. If your a fan of Hobby Knife then you'll like this one. Lots of fun and a ton of sounds!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Harm Stryker - Class Consciousness

Artist: Harm Stryker
Release: Class Consciousness
Year: 2007
Format: CDr
Tracks: 12
TRT: 39:15

This is my second taste of Harm Stryker and my first from the Sockets label. I'm not use to softer styles of noise with sections of the tracks being very quite but if I were to give off an example of a release for a good starting point it'd be this one. Let's just say I didn't hate it and there were some great parts as well. This disc is something that'd get play from me on those days were I just don't feel like listening to harsh noise or need something to read to.

There are 12 untitled tracks 18 seconds to almost 8 minutes. To me this is "sci-fi" noise, much like Pulse Emitter. One has to really pay attention to all the soft changes going on admist the high pitches and low squeeks. To me, however, I think if this were one long 39 minute track it'd have the same effect with me. The tracks don't very much in difference but that's not a bad thing as there's always some changing during the whole listen. The best part about this style of noise is I have no idea how the fuck it's done and that impresses me a lot! I've seen and heard a lot of noise so to hear something that I have no idea how it's made kinda gives me all the more reason to listen to it. Amen!

The packaging for this release is pretty unique. We have a cardboard sleeve, in the same lines as a 2 panel digipak, and inside is the unlabeled disc and 2 cardboard inserts. One insert has the definition of "gentrification" and a big bold phrase on the side "Occupants Rule!" The other insert gives me a headache. It features a full page of text about modern capitalism written by Raoul Vaneigem but the text is all written backwards. kcuf dnim a s'ti tub daer ot ysaE. Overall a great listen incase your ears need to recover and yes, Harm knows how to make noise, even though some insects couldn't hear it.