Tuesday, May 23, 2006

CJ Borosque - They

Artist: CJ Borosque
Release: They
Year: 2006
Format: CDr (pro)
Tracks: 4
TRT: 56:07

Newest release out of the Harshnoise label. I will start off by saying that I really had no idea who CJ Borosque was and the proof is that I didn't even know a woman was making this great noise. I'll be honest, that's not the first thing that comes to mind when I hear noise, but I'm glad to see that I now know another woman making great pedal noise. After checking out CJ's very cool web page: www.noisegoddess.com, I found out how much of an artist she truly is. Now, getting to the noise.

Four harsh tracks with two of them busting over the 20-minute mark. The noise in this release has a very old quality sound to it. Like it was released in the late 80's or something. I like this. There is a real fresh sound and you can tell it wasn't much rehearsed at all. During the listen of this disc you get really confused with what "CJ" is trying to do in her tracks. An example is the title track "They". Lots of spastic noise at first and then a harsh noise wall where just as you start to get bored with it she comes back with more spastic noise...a great combo. She gives, then takes, then gives, then takes...it's a fucking marathon sometimes. There are also some very good loops mixed with just straight pedal static bliss. I like this noise a lot and it's something that reminds me a little bit of nkondi, except not as harsh as his material. I would rate this release a 3/5, not because of the noise or artwork but because the record seems to lack a hold on my ears. Not much bass. Call me a noisehead that likes a lot of bass but if you don't mind that then ignore my last comment.

Of the harshnoise artworks out there I find this one very calming than the rest. Two deep blue horse heads face you with an ominous stare. Looks very olde English. My first listen of CJ Borosque and I can tell her one think now; "You left an impression girl!"